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The attraction of the ocean has been present in my life ever since I first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean, a home to mystique, beauty, and a world beyond our imaginations. Growing up in Northern California the ocean often appears moody, cold, uninviting, and dangerous. A mere shroud to hide its true nature. I spent a lot of my youth observing and  admiring the water but never pursuing time immersed in the  water. I think fear of the unknown and a humility regarding my swimming abilities kept me dry. 

I grew up in Berkeley with an education in media from CAS and had regular access to video and photo equipment to experiment with and become adept at using. Learning to transfer my camera knowledge into the ocean setting was in no way simple, but it was easily the most enjoyable, frustrating and rewarding educational experience of my life to date. I want my photography to capture what I feel in the water so others can share the same experience. Whether you are a water man or just like to admire from afar, you can still show an appreciation of the sea and reap the benefits of the water. I love to take beautiful photos, but at the end of the day my goal is to make art that connects people to the emotion of the water and show my appreciation to a place that brings me and many others unabated joy.

The next time I met the Pacific Ocean, the circumstances were quite different. The water was warm, tropical, full of life, and inviting me in every moment. On the Gold Coast of Oahu, a passion which had been laying dormant inside of me was awakened. A passion to spend immense amounts of time surrounded by water. Slowly this passion grew and developed into a desire to capture and to share my experiences  in the ocean with family and friends. The ocean slowly enveloped  me as I immersed myself in the waters every chance I got.


 Giancarlo Beroldo -- GSEA

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