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Born and raised in Berkeley California, I have played soccer since birth and love to surf as often as possible.  After moving out of my childhood home I went to Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo for kinesiology and graduated in 2016.  My next chapter brought me to southern Oahu to continue learning, training and practicing my skills as a trainer/coach. I am currently self-employed as a photographer/artist and part time coach. As a coach, I am interested in working with individuals who care about the outcome of our time together and are willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals. My ambition is to safely and effectively help others improve both physically and mentally.
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Foundation Training

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Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen the spine.  The techniques used in this training focus on: decompression in the spine, strength & length to the posterior muscle chain, hinging & rotating from the hips as well as integration of these concepts into modern life. Foundation Training encompasses a series of movements designed to train your body to resist gravity rather than be compressed by it. Foundation Training was developed for sustained pain relief, everyday fitness, and increased athletic performance.



My training program incorporates exercises that will help you reach your goals of strength, mobility and balance.  The combination of strengthening and stretching in the same training will help keep your body stronger and while maintaining a large, healthy and pain free range of motion.  Training sessions are tailored to the goals and physical needs of the client.  Sport specific training is offered upon request.

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